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Why to choose Headboards UK

(1) Headboards.UK and its sister companies (Bedframes UK, Metalheadboards UK and Woodenheadboards UK) Have an excellent reputation in the retail business.

More resons to choose us is, we have a established family business with a brick and mortar high street shop, with a proven track record, having been growing and developing since 2000.

(2) We have impeccable credentials: Our online secure payment system is provided and guaranteed by HSBC Glabal payments and PayPal.

(3) Headboards UK web site is protected by a GlobalSign Domain SSL certificate this means you can submit sensitive data such as credit card details and personal information with the assurance that all transactions are secure, private, and tamper-proof.

Please click on the padlock in the address bar for information

(4) FedEx and Parcel force, are our well known delivery companies and solely responsible for our deliveries.

(5) We undertake to check all products from the manufacturer and then add extra protective packing before your order is released from our warehouse.

(6) Our wide range of headboards has been specially selected from quality suppliers.

(7) Buying from us gives you the ethical satisfaction of supporting an independent company with complete peace of mind about quality and service.

(8) Our after sales service is exemplary. Our well trained and extremely experienced team is committed to excellence, with a proven track record.

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