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Divan Bed Headboards By Bed Size.

Please choose the size of headboard you require

You have the divan base and matteress but no headboard? HeadboardsUK is your destination for headboard ideas that will make your bedroom the perfect escape.

There are many different types of headboards, and our selection is very impressive. From upholstered headboards to wooden headboards, you are sure to find a perfect headboard in the right size and style. Imagine the possibilities with a huge king bed headboard.

What a statement, especially if it's an upholstered headboard, padded headboard metal or wooden.

When it comes to finding your style, certain materials lend themselves to different looks. A vintage-inspired style can be achieved with a metal headboard that has an arched design and decorative castings. For rustic or contemporary styles, panelled headboards are ideal.

In all sizes Single, Double, King, Super 6ft Size.

Things to Consider When Choosing Headboards

Things to Consider When Choosing Headboards

Dimensions - What size, colour, material, will the headboard need to be to work with your bed and surrounding furnishings and colour scheme? When in position is it going to be high enough to see the design and detail on the headboard with 4 pillows?

Light fittings switches and low windows - When choosing the headboard make sure it will fit between lights mounted on the wall, and not cover up any plug sockets or switches. Also another issue are low windows in dormer houses' these can be a challenge as well.

Wall mounted or standard fixings - 90% of the time headboards are fitted to the divan base using the struts/legs provided with the headboard. This only changes when you start going to 5ft king size and above, and at a height of 80cm or above, they then become top heavy and unstable for the base, this also depends on whether your bed base has 1 or 2 fixings per strut/leg.
Wall mounting the headboard is then the alternative.

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