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Wicker Headboards For Sale - Rattan Headboards & Bed heads

Rattan headboards range

If you’re in search of a headboard made from the best wicker and cane, we’ve got plenty of options for you. Our range of
handcrafted products are created with care, and they can fit just about every need. They’re delivered nationwide across the
UK, so we’re more than capable of getting the headboard of your choice to you in a quick and efficient way. Here’s more
information about what you can expect from our rattan & wicker headboards.

Handcrafted and Beautiful Wicker & Rattan Headboards

Our products are made in the UK in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes. They’re lovingly handcrafted by talented
professionals who know how to achieve the highest standards in terms of quality and finish, meaning you can trust them to
stay durable and looking great for a very long time to come. When you choose one of our headboards, you’ll be showing
support to some of the best UK manufacturers and receiving a product that certainly won’t let you down.

Made in the UK to a Range of Sizes

Our products are made in a range of sizes to meet your specific needs. We aim to cover as many bases as possible because
we know our customers all have different needs. The fact that they’re made in the UK and don’t need to be transported
around the world before they reach you also makes them more eco-friendly as well. In terms of the sizes available, we have
5 standard sizes: single size 3ft, small double 4ft, standard double 4ft 6, king size 5ft and super size 6ft.

Get Samples Before You Buy

We Can Make A Cane Headboard to Your Specifications

We’re now also able to make some of our products to fit your specific needs. This bespoke service allows you to let us know
exactly what you need and what you’re looking for in terms of size and we’ll take things from there. It’s a good option for
anyone who’s looking for a wicker and cane headboard that’s a non-standard size. We understand that some people need a
solution that’s a little larger or a little smaller than the options we mentioned above.

Lots of Colours, Stains and Finishes

Each of the rattan and wicker headboards we supply comes in a range of colours, stains and finishes. This means you’ll have
no trouble finding a stylish solution that works for you and looks great in the context of your bedroom. You can even
choose to buy an unfinished headboard which can later be stained or painted by you in a colour of your choice. This gives
you the option to style it precisely how you want to, which is always a good option to have.
We have a wide range on offer, so have a browse of our store and see what you can find, and if you have any questions or
want to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to do so. You can call us now on 01722744616.

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