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How to fit your new headboard to your divan bed

New Bed New Headboard.

No fixing screws are needed as they are part of the bed. In one end of the divan base they should be circular white stickers with a black dot in the middle. That shows were the fixing hole is behind the fabric, the fabric needs to be pierced so that the bolts can be pushed though the fabric and screwed into the bed. It is standard to have two fixing screws one each side but some divan beds can come with four two each side depending on bed size, 6ft beds can have as many as eight holes.

Screw the headboard fixing screws about 20mm into the holes you have pieced so that you will be able to slide the struts of the headboard down the screws and then align in the right position, just sitting above the mattress, then tighten up the bolls with a coin or screwdriver stand at the bottom of the bed and check the headboard is level if not loosen one side and adjust as necessary.

For floor standing headboards the headboard has to be positioned in place before the fixing screws are inserted into the base.

There is no adjustment on these headboards as they stand on the floor, but in our experience if you just lift then up 10mm of the carpet or floor it makes moving the bed a lot easier!

New Headboard Old Bed With Old Headboard.

No fixing screws are needed as they are already holding your old headboard in place. Loosen the screws slightly and slide the old headboard up and off the bed, you do not have to unscrew the screws all the way out.

Assemble the new headboard as instructions with headboard. Slide it on the same way as the old one came off. Adjust as in the same way as explained in the paragraph before.

New Headboard Old Bed With No Headboard.

In this instance you will need fixing bolts. If the bed has never had a headboard you will have to search with your fingers to find the screw holes for the screws as the stickers mentioned in the first instruction are missing or have been rubbed off over time.

Once holes have been found and headboard fixing screws bought the fitment of the headboard is as above.

PS, In all cases so long as you have the right size headboard for the divan bed ie single bed single headboard it should be straight forward.

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