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Hotel Contract Bed Headboards.

Crib 5 Source 5 Contract Bed Headboards

If you're new to the accommodation business, you may have come across the term 'Crib 5' or 'Source 5' and asked yourself "do I need a crib 5 headboard in my guest house?" The most obvious answer to this question is "YES!" Find out more!!.

The bottom line of the matter is that if you own or run any kind of hotel or guest accommodation business, for the public, by law you'll need to provide a contract headboard, bed and mattress. The term 'hotel-contract-headboards.html' refers to furniture - including beds and mattresses and headboards - that conform to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988. Previously, this was under British Standard (BS) 7177 1996, which has since been succeeded by BS 7177 2008.
This British Standard is broken into individual tests; BS EN597/1 (Cigarette) and BS EN597/2 (Match), with contract furniture having to comply with and pass BS 6807 (Flame Retardant). BS 6807 is also known as the 'Crib 5' or 'Source 5' test.

The supplementary standard does not guarantee that the contract furniture is entirely fireproof, but dramatically reduces the risk of ignition. Compliance with Crib 5 ignition tests is indicated by the furniture manufacturer via a blue information label and serves as a guarantee. If you would like to read more please read the full document Learn More.

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