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Single 3ft Upholstered Bed Headboards

Single 3ft fabric upholstered headboards for divan beds

The headboards in this upholstered fabric department are for a single 3 foot divan beds. Not sure that you have a single bed? The easy way to make sure, is to measure the distance between the headboard fixings at the head end of the bed. This distance should be if it's a single 24" or 61cm.

Now that you are sure it's a single you need, next is the fabric? We have two price point fabrics A and B for each headboard. Fabric B is 19.99 more than A fabric.

Have a quick look at the 100s of fabrics you have to choose from to have your headboard finished in See The Fabrics Here.

Please browse by scrolling down then click on the headboard you like for delivery information or to purchase.

Zip and Link Bed Headboards Explained

Normally used in the hotel and b&Bs to enable easy accommodation for guest numbers.

A zip and link bed refers to two individual bed bases that can be locked together using a steel bar to form one larger base to the other.

Then the individual base is paired with two individual mattresses that can zip together to form one larger, comfortable bed. This creates two seamless sleeping solutions that are flexible and can be adapted to whoever is using them.

The problem arises with the headboard yes you can put a 6ft super king headboard on when the beds are zipped together but what about when they are apart to use as two singles? You need two single headboards.

The simplest way around this is to have 2 single headboards on the beds, then when pushed together to make the super king will look like one headboard.

For this, you need a headboard that is 90cm / 3ft wide exactly.If you are looking for wood you are limited to the Flute oak, the Belmont range Oak, White, Rustic oak, and grey or any flat paneled headboard that has no side rails. these are all 90cm wide and if tied together with a brace at the back to stop them splaying/moving are a good substitute for a 6ft headboard.

Most upholstered headboards are made 90cm/3ft wide so the same idea as above suits them as well.

If you are looking for metal unfortunately due to the construction of these headboards they are always made bigger than the bed size, so will not be able to push together. Still not sure give us a call at 01722744616

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